Sunday, July 27, 2014










We have been on another roadtrip, this time we went down south, and saw an old musium. I always like looking at old stuff and how they used to live way back then.

On the way I was knitting and doing some crochet. Little sweather and hat for my little Soffia, and a green dress for her too.

A cople of weeks ago I orderd some fabric online, and it came in the mail last week. It is so beautiful and the Beatrix Potter one is to die for. ;-) Now I have to think hard of what to make with theese. I am thinking quilt with 10, 5, and maby 2 1/2" squeres. But hey, I have a long time to think, becorse we are going to Franch on a vacasion.

Edda Soffia



  1. Neat photos of your historic places. Pretty crochet projects. Your fabric picks look very lovely BUT I love the B. Potters fabric the best.

  2. Æðislegar myndirnar þínar. Gaman að sjá inn í húsið. Við Soffía hlökkum til að fá fína peysu settið og kjólinn :) þú og þú eina getur fengið mig til að vilja versla af mér vitið af fallegum efnum.


  3. Love the museum pictures!!! You are the best Amma in the whole wide world and our babies are so lucky to have you!!! Can't wait till you get back....I miss you sooooo much!!!!! Love you

  4. Flotte bilder fra museet. :)
    Så mye fint du lager,elsker den grønne fargen.
    Tusen takk for hilsen.
    Klem fra Mette.