Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Winter is here



This is how it looked like when I woke up this morning. Snow all over. I kind of like it, even thow it is kind of early in the season.


I did say in my last post that I did a fall runner. Well, this is it. I am so happy with how it turned out. It has fall colors like I like it, light colors but kind of bright.

When I went to Langamyri ( the quilt retread) I made this table cloth for my mom. I have yet to sew down the binding and then moms Christmas present is ready. That feels good. She loves blue colors, and this sure is blue. ;-)

This is my latest thing. It is supost to be for Christmas. More about that later.


Edda Soffia


Wednesday, October 2, 2013

What have i been up to this summer


We have been to the states. We flew to NY and took a rental car there and drove to VA beach. The first night we went to a hotel in Allentown PA and the next day we went to see the aunties and dad there. That was fun, since I have not been there in so many years.

When we got to VA the first thing we bought for Helga were these cheers for the balcony, so mamma could sit there in the mornings when every body was still a sleep.

I bought this book that has some dishcloths patterns that I can use for the Tuesday night knitting group and some cotton yarn that I like so much.


We also went traveling here in Iceland with our camper. We went up to the north vest of Iceland and Gunnar did a lot of walking (up mountains) so I did a lot of knitting and crochet wile I was waiting for him. My hand was not good but I can not just sit there doing nothing. I did finish my fun and beautiful blanket that was supost to be just for traweling but I like it so much that I do have it in my living room.

This was a house that nobody lives in up on the vest part of the island and Gunnar likes to look inside these houses.

I did do som sewing this summer. A thing to put pencils in for the kids, marked with they're names so they don't lose it.

And a table runner for the fall. I did finish it but I did not have a picture of it after I finished. That has to come in the next post.

Last weekend I went on a quilt retreed from Thursday till Sunday. It was so much fun and this is what we did before we went there. Me and my two friends always go together and we always make something before we go that is outrageous and fun.

My youngest on tured seventeen in September, and her friend brought her this fun cake that she had made all by herself. That was so sweet. Anyway since Karlotta turned seventeen she got her drivers license and is now driving all over the place. Fun for her.

Last night we had the knitting group get together, and to our suprice, our friends from Reykjanesbær came to visit us. We always have so much fun and specially when we get surprise visitors.

Anyway now I think I am cut op since I did not right anything all summer. My hand was hurting so bad all summer but now in September I got it operated on, and now it is all getting better.

Hugs from Borgarnes