Monday, April 29, 2013

Amelias sweater





I started this swether over Easter for Amelia. It had to be done before the 24 of April and it was done. I finished it long before but like so often, I just had to sew down the middle so I could open it up and put buttons. Amelia picked the pattern and the colors, and I think it came out pretty good.

We went to the end of my street to take pictures. It is such a nice spot and the wether was beautiful that day, but we did not think of taking picture until late ca. 20:00 in the evening. So needles to say I had to keep telling the poor girl that she can't show that se was cold. ;) can you see that in your mind, no Amelia you can not show that you are cold. ;) poor thing.

This is not a stash buster, so I will not link it. But I am very pleased wit how it turned out.

I have another one finished and yet another one on the needles. These are for the store that my friend has in town.

Hugs from Iceland


Friday, April 26, 2013

52 weeks of happy /3


My first cup of coffee in the morning, and my newest knitting project.

This beautiful cup and saucer that I got from mamma, when we were moving my mamma to a retirement home.

The sun shining in my back yard makes everything so springy, even tho it is only just op of cero.

This little beauty, I think it is crocus I'm not sure. But anyhow it is springy.

Hugs from beautiful Borgarnes


Monday, April 22, 2013

My big WISP done


This blanket I started on in the fall. I was going to make it for my grandson Diamond for Christmas. But his mother had other ideas. So I stopped working on it and put it away for a bit. It did bother me that I did not finish it so the other day I did, and it only took two days to finish it. I wold have done it earlier if I wold have known how happy it made me to finish that. It turned out so pretty, the colors were perfect together, and he loves green. I think he will get it for Christmas this year, since his birthday is not until after Christmas. ;)

After I finished Diamonds blanket, I felt so good that I brought out another blanket that had been bothering me too. That blanket I stopped working on to do the other one. I did not have a lot to do, one 400 gr. skein of yarn and it was done. So what I had been putting off so long took me three days to finish, and a lot of happy feelings. This blanket is made out of soft green Aran yarn that come in a big 400 gr balls, and I used three skeins of it. The color does not come out right on the picture, it is a little bit greener than it shows. The pattern is called star crochet or something like that, and is fun to do. I did some single crochet around the blanket and one row of crawl stitch in the end. Beautiful in my eyes.

This is what I would like to play with next, but first I like that mood that I am in now, to finish off what I started on before I start another project. But then agin, I have been so good this last week that I can do whatever I like to do next. ;-) Right.

Hugs from Iceland


Some stash busters





This weekend I took a look at my stash, and found this ugly purple/all kind of colors yarn. The only thing that I could think of making with it was a table rug or table cloth I never know what to call them. Anyway it turned out ugly and I don't know what to do with it. ;) at least I finished this skein of yarn and am happy about that.

Next thing I did was these two skeins of Delano yarn that I had in my stash and did not know what to make out of it. I was in the store the other day and someone was talking about this yarn and making shawl wit it. I thought that was a good idea and started to make some yesterday. It is going good, I am on the second skein and will finish it today. Hurray.

I have to tell you that I finished two WISP last week. Two blankets that I have not taken pictures of yet but I will definitely do that. I am soooooo happy with them, it took such long time but now they are finished. ;)

In the last picture you can see my little Gabriel wrapped in ammas Posie blanket. He is having his bottle and sitting in his mammas arms, trying to kik Esja the dog away from them. She needed some a tension from her mamma too. And that brings me to the happy week two (that was supposed to bee last week). My Birgitta and her family came to our house on Sunday without telling me, that was a nice suprice and was my happy thing.

Last week I had two girls staying at my house from Wednesday till Sunday. They came from Sweeden and were lovely girls at nineteen. They had som special needs regarding they're food, so it took a lot of thinking on my part, but all was well and nobody got sick. That got me thinking how lucky we are, the ones that don't have to think about what we eat exept if it is helty or not.

Hugs from Iceland


Thursday, April 18, 2013

Finished my little sweater

This time I finished Gabriel's summer sweater. I started this sweater in march when I went on a weekends trip for knitters, that me and my friends go to every year. I thought this was going to take no time to make, but then I went to they're house and tried the sweater on my little guy and it was way to small. So amma had to take it apart and make it bigger for him. Now it is finish except for the buttons that I have to buy today and sew on to it.
I have already made two Icelandic wool sweaters but have not sewed it up in the front and finished it. That is on my list today, and I will be taking pictures of it when it is finished. They are very pretty and one is made for my Amelia, and the other is for the store that my friend owns and she has asked me to make some to sell. Guess what, that is a yarn store here in town (the only one) and that is where we mead almost every day to knit and chat. Nice is it not. That is the reason I have so much yarn I think. ;)
Anyway in my bag now is a blanket that I need to finish. I am almost done with it , but it needs a few rows more. That was supposed to be a Christmas present for my grandson Diamond, but his mamma wanted a quilt in stead. That made me put the blanket away, and I decided to finish it after Christmas. So now is as good of a time as any time to finish this. But I have to tell you that his mamma was pretty upset with me for listening to her. She likes this so much and thought that I shut not have listened to her. That blanket is made of Icelandic wool that is called létt lopi. His favorite colors are green and I like brown with green so that is what I put with to give it some interest.
The other day I went to Reykjavik to meed up with Birgitta and Gabriel. We had a blast shopping, talking and just having fun. I got some material for a project that I am going to be making. It is a rabbit that is called "miss Maggie" I got the pattern from the side that is called "Posie gets cosie" and is one the sidebar on my blog. I still don't know how to put a link on that Blogsy that I am using. So bear with me. Anyway you should really check out that blog, she has a really special blog.
That is enough for now
Ps. I just figured it out how to link. ;)

Thursday, April 11, 2013

52 weeks of happy / one

I saw this on Birgittas blog "handmade and off centered" she is doing this ones a week, things that make her happy. I like that idea, so I am going to play along and put in the things that make me happy this week.


The first cup of coffee in the morning, in one out of two favorite cups that I always use.

Having breakfast with my one and only. That is something we always do, and if I get up before him, I will wait for him to get up to eat breakfast.

My big finish this week. I call it my Posie blanket, but it is called Sunshine day blanket. The lady that I bought the pattern from calls her blog " Posie gets cosie". ( I don't know how to put the link on blogs on that blogsy on my iPad) anyway that makes me super happy to have done that and almost all from my stash.

Then it is my cutie pie. She is always somewhere near me and is just such a good and fun kitty.

So now you know what makes me happy this week.

Hugs from Borgarnes


Wednesday, April 10, 2013

My big April finish





738 grams. That is how much my blanket weigh.

It is done and I am so happy with it. I like it so much. ( did I say that already)

This has been so much fun to make, I don't know why it was more fun to make than other project I make, but it was. The colors are so soft with a little interesting darker every ones in awhile, and that tope color in between. I can not wait to wrapp my little Gabriel in it, when he comes to ammas house next time.

And the best thing about that blanket, IT DID NOT COST ANYTHING. ;-D


Monday, April 8, 2013

Stash buster continue

This is a fun way to use up your stash. These are my favorite colors, and I made this for Christmas, but I thought it looked so nice that it will stay up there. When you are a knitter or you crochet, then everything that have to do with yarn and needles goes in your home. (That is my apinion)
This is my something pretty pillow. I made it from mostly my stash, but I bought the teal color. I don't really like it, it is so bright. I think it is the teal color that I don't like. That is funny corse that is what I bought. ;)

Yesterday I was done with my posy blanket, and needed something to do, so I found that white sugar'n'cream yarn. I started making a table rug.
And I kept on crocheting, until I saw that it was much to big for a table cloth, so I just kept on making it bigger, and found a noter color in my stash.

I did not finish the pink, but I can not do anything with it, so I am going to toss it. In the end I had this something to have in the kitchen and wipe our hands on. I though it was a good thing to get this out of my box ;)
Then when that was done and I was still in the mood to do something more, I found this yarn.
It is lopi and einband. That is Icelandic wool. I made something out of it that is not finish yet. I will show you when it is done.
This is my dream world, spring and sitting out side with a good friend over a cup of good coffee. I don't know where this picture is from but it is adorable.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013


I have decided to inroll in something that I saw on a blog, it is called stash-buster and that means that I have to use up some of my yarn (I say some cors I know I can not use all). First of all I am going to finish off my ongoing thing that I am working on.
This is my cotton stash, that I was thinking about making a blanket out of. It is very light and in beautiful colors that I like so much. I like soft colors and pink. In the foreground you see something that I already started on but never finished. It is going to be a tablecloth in this beautiful pink color. I am almost finished with it, so it won't take long. I also took a picture in my cotton box just to show you how that looks like. When I see a color that I like in cotton then I sometimes buy it to make a tablecloth. All my tablecloths are knitted. There is also som things that I have started on but never finished, and I think it will never get done. I think I will throw that away.
This is my lopi that I am going to knit something out of. I am thinking of mittens or hats.
This is what I am working on right now. This is a good project to use up yarn. It takes a lot of yarn too do the circle and you can use what ever colors that you like. I bought the pattern from
It is so much fun to make. I am done with 60 of 80 squares and it is going fast.
The stash that you see in my bag is almost gone by now.
This is a blanket that I am working on also, but I was getting bored with and would like it to be bigger than it is. Right now it is about the size of a good baby blanket so I could stop now, but I like to make it bigger so I will keep on with that when my posy blanket is finished.
It is sooooo colorful and fun, and guess what, almost all that yarn is gone so I think I have to buy some more for that one (if that is aloud) I don't know.
That is it for now. Sorry about my spelling, it is not good but have to do.

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