Monday, April 29, 2013

Amelias sweater





I started this swether over Easter for Amelia. It had to be done before the 24 of April and it was done. I finished it long before but like so often, I just had to sew down the middle so I could open it up and put buttons. Amelia picked the pattern and the colors, and I think it came out pretty good.

We went to the end of my street to take pictures. It is such a nice spot and the wether was beautiful that day, but we did not think of taking picture until late ca. 20:00 in the evening. So needles to say I had to keep telling the poor girl that she can't show that se was cold. ;) can you see that in your mind, no Amelia you can not show that you are cold. ;) poor thing.

This is not a stash buster, so I will not link it. But I am very pleased wit how it turned out.

I have another one finished and yet another one on the needles. These are for the store that my friend has in town.

Hugs from Iceland



  1. Hello Edda, WOW I would say that sweater is absolutely gorgeous... The yarn color is beautiful and the pattern is very lovely... Love the Landscape of Iceland, very pretty indeed and tell Amelia she did not look cold. VBG Hugs Judy

  2. The photos turned out very nice, Edda :)
    Love the sweater, it's simply gorgous! I really like those Icelandic patterns and the natural colours of the wool.

  3. Such a lovely sweater and wonderful work.. I so wish I could knit like that. You are so blessed..
    Take care my friend and thanks for dropping by my blog, too.. xo

    1. Thank you Faye, I always look at your blog, I like it and all the wonderful things that you talk about.

  4. She looks great in her sweater and the pic are fabulous!!!