Monday, May 6, 2013

Blue baby sweater


Ones up on a time I bought this light blue yarn for a top for myself. I do not like blue color all that much, so after I knitted a little bit, I saw that this was not going to work for me. So I did what I so often do. I quit and put it away.

Then came "stash buster". I made up my mind, and decided this wold be my May protect. The other day I ripped it apart, and started a sweater for my little baby boy, Gabriel.

So amma went to work on this sweater, and finished it over the weekend.

This was a fast and easy project, and all made up as I knitted. My own design, and best of all.


More to come

Hugs from Iceland


Stash buster in May



  1. Your baby blue sweater is very beautiful. I am sure it will be treasured.. You are such a very talented lady.. Warm Hugs from Sunny Michigan. Judy

  2. I love the little button loop at the neck. Hes going to look so great in the sweater this summer :)


  3. Your design is gorgous, Edda Soffia, the blue sweater turned out very sweet :) I'm sure your grandson will love his new sweater!!

  4. I love your baby sweater well done on designing it yourself :)

  5. wonderful sweater! that is a great use for the baby blue yarn :-)

  6. Vá!!! I love it and the button loop is adorable!! Can't wait to see pics of my baby boy in it :)