Thursday, May 9, 2013

Sitting in the car knitting


I am sitting in the car waiting for the mr. I have about half an hour to kill, so I of corse am knitting. I am making a little sweater out off my stash of corse. That is alpaca wool from Drops, wonderful soft yarn and knitting needles # 3. I have that little book that has beautiful baby stuff to knitt, and I have made a lots of stuff from it.

As I am sitting here, I started looking at the scenery and had to take picture and show you.

And then I saw this GREEN spot ;) I just had to take a picture and show you that spring is really here. ;-)

Hugs from beautiful Iceland



  1. I love love love the scenery in Borgarnes and the surrounding areas! The mountains are magestic and so "ahh" :)

    Cant wait to see the green sweater for the little munchkin.

  2. Happy Friday Edda, OH, how beautiful your scenery is. I could of set there all day and "Crochet" ( do not know how to knit) and been drank in those Mts and the beautiful blue lake... Isn't it glorious to see the first spot of green... Huge very big smile.. Hugs Judy

    1. Hey Judy, yes it is beautiful where I live, and this is not a lake it is the ocean that you see there. I have to take pictures and put on here more often and show you some more.
      I do both knitting and crochet, and most everything handcraft that I am interested in doing (if I don't know how to then I just learn it ;)).
      Thank you for your always nice comment and you have a very happy Friday.
      Hugs Edda Soffia

  3. Oh, I love the scenery too!! Iceland has such a fascinating and majestic nature.
    Your knit is coming along beautifully, the colour is gorgeous. Can't wait to see it finished.
    Wishing you a happy weekend, and enjoy spring :)