Monday, November 18, 2013

This and that




I have been making dichcloths latly. Exually all fall, one per week. This is a project that I had going for the ladies in my knitting group. The turtle dichcloth was a surprice pattern, I gave them five rows per week, and they did not know what the pattern was, but they knew it was a dichcloth.

The last one was kind of big so that is going to be a towel for the gest bathroom or something like that.

I am expecting a new grandbaby over christmas, so amma has been knitting a lot for her. This is one of three onesies that I have made. I was trying to get the right color on the picture, but I could not get that. The color is kind of green-blue, more green than blue but it comes out like it is mor blue. Beautiful and fun to knit.



This is my latest knitting. I made this yesterday, and could not stop until i was done. It is called "catching butterflies" and is from the very talanted desingner of Tiny owl knits. I just love her design and am planning a lot of things i will be doing from her disigns.

The hexypuffs that you can see on one of the picture is hers too, and i am starting a project made with them.



I am sad to say, that we had to get rid of our little darlings. My step-daugther is so alerted to a lot of things and one of it is cats.

My older one was almost twelve years old so we put her down, and buried her in the back yard. That was the hardest thing to do, we loved her so much. But a friend of my daugther took the little one and she is living a good live with her family and wee can always see her and cuddle her a little.

Hugs from Iceland