Monday, April 22, 2013

My big WISP done


This blanket I started on in the fall. I was going to make it for my grandson Diamond for Christmas. But his mother had other ideas. So I stopped working on it and put it away for a bit. It did bother me that I did not finish it so the other day I did, and it only took two days to finish it. I wold have done it earlier if I wold have known how happy it made me to finish that. It turned out so pretty, the colors were perfect together, and he loves green. I think he will get it for Christmas this year, since his birthday is not until after Christmas. ;)

After I finished Diamonds blanket, I felt so good that I brought out another blanket that had been bothering me too. That blanket I stopped working on to do the other one. I did not have a lot to do, one 400 gr. skein of yarn and it was done. So what I had been putting off so long took me three days to finish, and a lot of happy feelings. This blanket is made out of soft green Aran yarn that come in a big 400 gr balls, and I used three skeins of it. The color does not come out right on the picture, it is a little bit greener than it shows. The pattern is called star crochet or something like that, and is fun to do. I did some single crochet around the blanket and one row of crawl stitch in the end. Beautiful in my eyes.

This is what I would like to play with next, but first I like that mood that I am in now, to finish off what I started on before I start another project. But then agin, I have been so good this last week that I can do whatever I like to do next. ;-) Right.

Hugs from Iceland



  1. Yes you absolutely deserve to do something NEW! :)


  2. Hello Edda, you have been very productive with finishing up your UFO... Now what are those pretty white blocks going to become... YES you can do what ever you like... VBG Hugs Judy

    1. Hey Judy, thank you for that. I was thinking about a pillow or something like that. Well see ;-)

  3. That ripple blanket looks amazing!

  4. Love your blankets Edda the ripple is beautiful :)