Monday, April 22, 2013

Some stash busters





This weekend I took a look at my stash, and found this ugly purple/all kind of colors yarn. The only thing that I could think of making with it was a table rug or table cloth I never know what to call them. Anyway it turned out ugly and I don't know what to do with it. ;) at least I finished this skein of yarn and am happy about that.

Next thing I did was these two skeins of Delano yarn that I had in my stash and did not know what to make out of it. I was in the store the other day and someone was talking about this yarn and making shawl wit it. I thought that was a good idea and started to make some yesterday. It is going good, I am on the second skein and will finish it today. Hurray.

I have to tell you that I finished two WISP last week. Two blankets that I have not taken pictures of yet but I will definitely do that. I am soooooo happy with them, it took such long time but now they are finished. ;)

In the last picture you can see my little Gabriel wrapped in ammas Posie blanket. He is having his bottle and sitting in his mammas arms, trying to kik Esja the dog away from them. She needed some a tension from her mamma too. And that brings me to the happy week two (that was supposed to bee last week). My Birgitta and her family came to our house on Sunday without telling me, that was a nice suprice and was my happy thing.

Last week I had two girls staying at my house from Wednesday till Sunday. They came from Sweeden and were lovely girls at nineteen. They had som special needs regarding they're food, so it took a lot of thinking on my part, but all was well and nobody got sick. That got me thinking how lucky we are, the ones that don't have to think about what we eat exept if it is helty or not.

Hugs from Iceland



  1. The purple table clothe you can put in a "present box". You and I both know someone who loves purple :) The shawl is very bright and cheery. Cant wait to see it when its all finished. We had a great time during our visit and will have to do it again soon.


  2. Hello Edda, Your dish cloth and shawl is very colorful.. and very pretty.. Your grandson looks very comfy in his posie blanket.. Hugs Judy

    1. Thank you Judy, yes they are colorful, that is right. ;)

  3. Wonderful yarns and projects :-)