Thursday, April 18, 2013

Finished my little sweater

This time I finished Gabriel's summer sweater. I started this sweater in march when I went on a weekends trip for knitters, that me and my friends go to every year. I thought this was going to take no time to make, but then I went to they're house and tried the sweater on my little guy and it was way to small. So amma had to take it apart and make it bigger for him. Now it is finish except for the buttons that I have to buy today and sew on to it.
I have already made two Icelandic wool sweaters but have not sewed it up in the front and finished it. That is on my list today, and I will be taking pictures of it when it is finished. They are very pretty and one is made for my Amelia, and the other is for the store that my friend owns and she has asked me to make some to sell. Guess what, that is a yarn store here in town (the only one) and that is where we mead almost every day to knit and chat. Nice is it not. That is the reason I have so much yarn I think. ;)
Anyway in my bag now is a blanket that I need to finish. I am almost done with it , but it needs a few rows more. That was supposed to be a Christmas present for my grandson Diamond, but his mamma wanted a quilt in stead. That made me put the blanket away, and I decided to finish it after Christmas. So now is as good of a time as any time to finish this. But I have to tell you that his mamma was pretty upset with me for listening to her. She likes this so much and thought that I shut not have listened to her. That blanket is made of Icelandic wool that is called létt lopi. His favorite colors are green and I like brown with green so that is what I put with to give it some interest.
The other day I went to Reykjavik to meed up with Birgitta and Gabriel. We had a blast shopping, talking and just having fun. I got some material for a project that I am going to be making. It is a rabbit that is called "miss Maggie" I got the pattern from the side that is called "Posie gets cosie" and is one the sidebar on my blog. I still don't know how to put a link on that Blogsy that I am using. So bear with me. Anyway you should really check out that blog, she has a really special blog.
That is enough for now
Ps. I just figured it out how to link. ;)


  1. Hello Edda, Happy Thursday.. I love your Icelandic Sweater... You do such a lovely job of creating them... It is always great to have a company when one goes shopping.It seem so much for fun, indeed. I was going to tell you how to link But I see you already figure it out... Any other blogging questions please do not hesitate to ask.. If I can help I will... Hugs Judy

    1. Thank you Judy, it is always good to be able to ask someone if we do not know our self. I just did not read the instruction. ;) And then it was so easy peasy when I figured it out.
      Hugs from here, always good to hear from you.

  2. Your sweather and blanket are both gorgeous. Great colours, and the lopi wool yarn looks wonderful :)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your kind comment.
    Hilde :)

  3. Your little sweater is beautiful and the ripple blanket is lovely too :)

  4. WOO HOO cant wait to try the sweater on Gabríel :) Its going to look so good. The blanket is coming along so nicely, I can see that Diamond will be getting a cozy blanket pretty soon :) Your the best


  5. Vá Edda, þetta blogg er geggjað!! Vissi ekki að þú værir með tvö eins og ég :)

    Ég er bara búin að skoða brot af fallega handverkinu þínu, ætla að halda áfram á meðan sá stutti leyfir (=sefur :)) - ég er búin að setja link yfir á þetta blogg af minni síðu, vona að það sé í lagi (er hvort sem er með hitt bloggið þitt linkað hehehe)