Thursday, April 11, 2013

52 weeks of happy / one

I saw this on Birgittas blog "handmade and off centered" she is doing this ones a week, things that make her happy. I like that idea, so I am going to play along and put in the things that make me happy this week.


The first cup of coffee in the morning, in one out of two favorite cups that I always use.

Having breakfast with my one and only. That is something we always do, and if I get up before him, I will wait for him to get up to eat breakfast.

My big finish this week. I call it my Posie blanket, but it is called Sunshine day blanket. The lady that I bought the pattern from calls her blog " Posie gets cosie". ( I don't know how to put the link on blogs on that blogsy on my iPad) anyway that makes me super happy to have done that and almost all from my stash.

Then it is my cutie pie. She is always somewhere near me and is just such a good and fun kitty.

So now you know what makes me happy this week.

Hugs from Borgarnes



  1. Yay! I knew you would get the "Happy" bug and start your very own 52 weeks of happy :)

    By the way you two are super cute, just in case I havent told ya in a while ;)


  2. Hello Edda,

    Isn't it wonderful to have a sweetie to share our lives with me. This make me happy every single day. Oh, how I love your Roses Tea Cup, it is very very elegant and the table mat is just as pretty..

    Your Sunshine Day Blanket is is colorful and very pretty. Your Cutie Pie looks like a very cute kitty. Kitties are so smart they love to lie in the sunshine I am sure it makes them happy too.... Have a lovely week. hugs Judy

  3. Hello Edda,

    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving your very lovely comment. I think your daughter may love a crochet Bowl By The Sea.. I am sure you could create one even more prettier then mine.

    I absolutely LOVE those crochet hooks. LOVE them... I love the passionate shades of PINK colors.. ( what a great idea they had when they made all those glorious pink colors) and they feel so very wonderful in your hands. I am sooooooooooooooooooo happy I discovered them through your blog...

    You are welcome for the mention of your blog. Very deserving. You create some very lovely things and I certainly enjoy reading about them all...

    I used to live in Cheasapeake Va... I was a nurse at the Norfolk Naval Shipyard.. Lovely state and I enjoyed traveling around all over Virginia and North Carolina... I am sure you will enjoy your visit there. Hopefully no hurricane will arrive during your visit... There was 2 one Summer when I lived there. Very scary..

    Have a great week. Hugs Judy

  4. Love this 52 weeks of happy!! It is such a good idea and so much fun to see the simple things in life that make you happy....such as breakfast with freaking cute are you two <3