Wednesday, April 10, 2013

My big April finish





738 grams. That is how much my blanket weigh.

It is done and I am so happy with it. I like it so much. ( did I say that already)

This has been so much fun to make, I don't know why it was more fun to make than other project I make, but it was. The colors are so soft with a little interesting darker every ones in awhile, and that tope color in between. I can not wait to wrapp my little Gabriel in it, when he comes to ammas house next time.

And the best thing about that blanket, IT DID NOT COST ANYTHING. ;-D



  1. Oh WOW! I so so so love this blanket and I cant wait for school to finish so that I can start on mine. Great job and the colors are great.


  2. Your something pretty blanket is fantastic looking. I am sure Gabriel will love it too.. Was the yarn given to you??? Hugs Judy

  3. Hello Edda, I forgot to ask you how many blocks did you make for Gabriel blanket??? Hugs Judy

    1. Thank you for that. All the yarn was here in my stash exept maby a coble of colors that i bought. The tobe color was a swether that I took a part corse it was too big for me, and it was not good to knit from it after that. I made 80 blocks for that blanket.
      It is always so nice to see your comment, thank you.
      Hug Edda

  4. It's beautiful! well done for finishing it and thank you for linking :)

  5. Gorgeous blanket - reminds me of the flowers in the garden.
    Love that stash!
    Enjoy cosying up in your new cuddle rug.

  6. Where have I been....I didn't know you were blogging like this!!!! I didn't realize this blog doesn't show up in my blog roll. I will keep checking it now that I know you are blogging so much :) Love the blanket!!! It is beautiful and the colors are amazing!!!