Tuesday, April 2, 2013


I have decided to inroll in something that I saw on a blog, it is called stash-buster and that means that I have to use up some of my yarn (I say some cors I know I can not use all). First of all I am going to finish off my ongoing thing that I am working on.
This is my cotton stash, that I was thinking about making a blanket out of. It is very light and in beautiful colors that I like so much. I like soft colors and pink. In the foreground you see something that I already started on but never finished. It is going to be a tablecloth in this beautiful pink color. I am almost finished with it, so it won't take long. I also took a picture in my cotton box just to show you how that looks like. When I see a color that I like in cotton then I sometimes buy it to make a tablecloth. All my tablecloths are knitted. There is also som things that I have started on but never finished, and I think it will never get done. I think I will throw that away.
This is my lopi that I am going to knit something out of. I am thinking of mittens or hats.
This is what I am working on right now. This is a good project to use up yarn. It takes a lot of yarn too do the circle and you can use what ever colors that you like. I bought the pattern from http://rosylittlethings.typepad.com/
It is so much fun to make. I am done with 60 of 80 squares and it is going fast.
The stash that you see in my bag is almost gone by now.
This is a blanket that I am working on also, but I was getting bored with and would like it to be bigger than it is. Right now it is about the size of a good baby blanket so I could stop now, but I like to make it bigger so I will keep on with that when my posy blanket is finished.
It is sooooo colorful and fun, and guess what, almost all that yarn is gone so I think I have to buy some more for that one (if that is aloud) I don't know.
That is it for now. Sorry about my spelling, it is not good but have to do.

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  1. Mamma your English is much better than you give yourself credit for. It makes me smile and is very fun. You look like you have enough to keep you busy for the next year! I cant wait to see the finished blankets. I enrolled in the stash-busters challenge too :)

    I challenge you to a tablecloth or table-rags contest! I am going to be making a bunch of them.