Friday, May 31, 2013

Little green sweater

This little sweater is knitted out of alpaca wool that I bought about a year ago. I was going to make a dress for me out of it but did not like it, and it was way to big on me. So I frogged it and that gave me some stash yarn to work with. The color is pretty green and it has a lot of life in it if you know what I am trying to say. The pattern is in a little book that I have, and I have made a lot of stuff out of it.
This is my May stash buster protect so I am trying to get it in before midnight. ;) I also made the Spider-Man blanket and finished that, but the little guy came by the house sooner than I expected him and got the blanket and I forgot to take a picture of it. ;( That was also a stash buster course I had all the red and black in my stash and only had to buy the blue.
This stash buster is going pretty good I think, the worst thing is that I don't see that much difference on my stash. The good thing though is that I have been finishing a lot of WISP that I had.
That is good.


  1. The Little green sweater is very pretty. Hugs Judy

  2. What a pretty sweater you made, Edda Soffia :) That forest green colour is gorgeous :)
    I hope your hand is feeling better!
    Have a lovely new week.