Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Little work these days


These days are slow and not so much knitting or crocheting. The reason is that my hand is hurting and I don't know why. I think it has something to do with over working it on crafts or something but I am not telling mr. HR about that. I already have a doctors appointment on Thursday and see if he can figure out what is wrong.

I have been babysitting the grand kids now these days. And on top of that I got these cool apps that I can play with. Fun fun fun...

Remember this? Well even though my hand is hurting, I still kept on going on the Spider-Man blanket and finished that yesterday. Be corse I am at my daughters house, I have not washed it or blocked it so I will take a picture of it when I am done. Believe me it is so cute, unbelievable fun to make something like that.

Also, I have done what I seem to always do, try out som new squares. This is strange, I do that all the time. I really should take picture of some of them and show you.

Anyway, I made this little square and I really like it so much that I am thinking about making something with it. I am thinking about all pastels with white around like the one I made.

But then agin, something else might come up and grasp my attention. ;)


Have a wonderful day




  1. I'm sorry to hear about your hands Edda, I had the same problem with my thumbs and had to wear splints for months. They still hurt but not as acutely as they did, you need to rest them or they will get worse, hope you have some relief soon. The square is very pretty, it would look lovely in pastel shades, but only when your hands are better! :)

  2. Hello dear Edda, You have been missed. In My Humble Opinion I think you may have carpel tunnel syndrome.... Rest of the hand is good..Good to see your doctor.. I love your wee pastel block very pretty indeed. Your grandchild looks like a sweetie. Hugs judy

  3. Ugh, wrote a comment and it disappeared :(

    I didn't know your hand was so bad, I hope it's feeling better now!!! I love all the projects and I love you!! The Winnie the Pooh and Piglet quote has me homesick for my mamma!! I love you and miss you!!! Can't wait to have you here next month!!!