Thursday, May 16, 2013

Sunny but windy




Noting much on the home front. Bautiful sunshine, but not so warm. Our president had his birthday this week, so we put up our flag, beautiful isn't it. ;)

These are busy days for the vet, the othe day a lady brought a caf here that has a broken leg and Gunnar had to put a cast on it.

My little kitties are soooo cute, actually they are not kitties anymore but they are always going to be my little kitties. ;) I got visitors that spent the night and I was going to put the blankets away, but I must have blinked, be corse my older cat Sabrina was a sleep on the blankets before I knew it, so I had to take a picture of her. Then I was knitting with my knitting bag open next to me, when all of a sudden my little kittie was in the bag. I had to get the iPad to take a picture (I think she even smiled a little) no maby not but she was happy in there and fell a sleep.

Today has been sunny and windy, cold but perfect for laundry drying, so that is what I have been doing.

Hugs from Iceland



  1. Your kitties are adorable, such sweet photos of them :)
    Hope the little calf is all right!

    Enjoy the nice spring days!

  2. Hello edda, Your kitty certainly knows where to find a nice warm bed. vbg Hopefully the wee calf leg will heal well... Your flag looks very grand... It has warmed up a bit here... Thanks goodness... we are finally having a Spring even though it is very late. Hugs Judy

  3. Love the kitties and their sleeping places.....they are the cutest things ever :)

    Gunnar er bara bestastur!!

    Love you og miss you <3

  4. oh my, I do love the calf and the kitties......the weather looks amazing, with all the blue skies!