Thursday, February 20, 2014






This is my newest baby blanket. I loved making it. I kind of thought it would be hard to knit it since it has 576 stitces in the last pattern, but no, it was fun, fun, fun. The color is not exactly right, but close. This is endless love. Beautiful.

Miss mouse is doing som yarn staching, and found this yarn in a drawer. She had seen this pattern on the net, and had this round pillow that needed to be fixed up. Perfect she thought and changed it a little.

Here she is with the finiced pillow. I personally think it needs a button in the middle and we will see if she agrees. Look how proud she is, almost finiced that stach of yarn.

Now she has found this stach that she is going to finice before the end of february. Hummm.... I wonder what she is going to come up with now.

This is my stach busting proget for february. Go have a look at what the other ladys are making.

Hugs from Iceland



  1. Hello Edda, I love those kind of homey photos too. Your knitted baby blanket is absolutely gorgeous. But I love the wee mouse and her apron. To cute.. Our Winter is till unrelenting and brutal.. A most ghastly Winter... Spring has to be right around the corner, Yes??? Hugs Judy

    1. Hey Judy, thank you for that. I do love this blanket too. ;-)
      The wind has been blowing with gail forse, and today it was snowing a little so it is good to be snug at home doing some crafts.

  2. Þetta teppi er æðislegt!!! Eða eins og ég segji alltaf...ógo flott ;) Litla mús er líka rosalega sæt og fín :)

  3. There she goes again, that mouse, so bossy she is! My little Abigail loves her round blanket and I love wrapping her in it, it soooo soft.

    I love seeing your posts again :)

    XOXO Birgitta

  4. Hello Eddie, I was so happy to hear from you. I was just thinking of you yesterday when I was reading an article in Spin Off Magazine about Icelandic sheep and the history of spinning and knitting in Iceland. I was thinking you was very busy with enjoying your new grand child. I am thinking of buying a spinning wheel to spin Art Yarn. Smile. Do you spin yarn???

    I have missed you. Have you been knitting and crocheting recently??? Our weather has been very coolish and rainy this Summer so far. My garden is liking all the rain. My email address is if you would ever like to send me a personal message. Hugs Judy